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History of the Mitsubishi EVO

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution goes by many names, but is known universally as the automaker's signature sports sedan. While we at Schaumburg Mitsubishi are saddened by the retirement of this impressively engineered machine after its 25-year run, we will never forget its illustrious career.
Mitsubishi EVO
The Galant VR-4, the predecessor to the Lander Evolution, introduced the 4G63T turbocharged 2.0-liter DOHC 16-valve engine and all-wheel​ drive that was at the heart of the Evo's success. This ferocious block ran many Evo models throughout the years, beloved for its​ modification potential. ​ 
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The Mitsubishi EVO first hit the circuit as the 1992 Lancer Evolution. This stripped-down, turbocharged racer was made smaller than the basic Lancer in order to remain competitive in worldwide rally events. The first 5000 EVOs were sold in Japan--meeting enthusiastic acclaim.
Mitsubishi EVO
A couple of years later, a few tweaks were made to the Evo to create the Lancer Evolution II. A little wider and longer, and a little peppier in its suspension, this version​ handled a lot better, even if it looked the same. It was the third edition of the EVO that gained a sleeker, aerodynamic appearance, increasing its eye candy appeal.​ 
Mitsubishi EVO
Through World Rally wins over the following years, the global reputation of the Evo grew. The interest was due in part to the introduction of Mitsubishi’s Active Yaw Control (AYC)​ on the Evo IV. It wasn't until the VII version was released, after tumultuous years of revising and perfecting the racer, that the model began exporting to the UK. Shortly after, the Evo VIII version arrived in the United States.​ 
Mitsubishi EVO
Nearly a decade later, the 10th and final version of the Evo debuted. Given special edition treatment, the retirement generation of the racer received a proper send-off. While its discontinuation​ in favor of more eco-friendly models shocked Mitsubishi's fans, its impact on the industry will live on.
Mitsubishi EVO
The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution will go down in history as one of the brand's most loved models. Its fans are many and its legacy is unforgettable.
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