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Mitsubishi Mirage History

Mitsubishi Mirage
History of the Mitsubishi Mirage
The Mitsubishi Mirage was first introduced back in the late 1970s and it’s been a favorite among auto enthusiasts since. This model is known for its compact design, and it is often considered one of the most affordable vehicles on the market. The Mirage has always had a quality build and excellent fuel economy, setting new standards in the industry for years. Below is a brief history of this popular model.
Modest Origins
The Mirage was developed in 1978 as a front-wheel drive hatchback. It was primarily inspired by the fuel crisis, offering a practical solution to rising fuel costs. Versions of the Mirage were marketed as the Colt, Lancer, and Magnum, though each of these titles had virtually the same car underneath. Innovations on early Mirage models included an independent suspension, rack and pinion steering, and front disc brakes.

Updated Versions
The second generation of Mirage vehicles came with some added features. This includes an available four-door sedan version, as well as optional four-wheel drive. Turbocharging gave the Mirage a kick without sacrificing fuel economy, and by the late1980s you could get electric fuel injection as well. The third-generation started to take on its modern-day looks, with additional power and fuel economy, and by the fourth
generation this model really made a splash as the everyman’s car.

The Mirage Today
Now, the Mirage is in its sixth generation. Classified as a city car, this model comes as a four-door sedan or hatchback, and it has a smart MIVEC engine to reduce fuel costs without sacrificing power. The 2017 model year had a stunning makeover, adding bold looks and a revamped fascia to this urban-friendly model.
The Mirage has a long tradition of offering a practical yet fun driving experience. This car is great for those looking for a commuter vehicle, something to handle narrow city streets, or something for the family. You can’t go wrong when you select the new Mitsubishi Mirage. Stop by Schaumburg Mitsubishi to test drive this model today.

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